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It’s leap year!

Happy day-that-only-comes-every-four-years!  And although I’ve been too busy lately to pay attention to my blog properly (or even make occasional  posts to my Twitter feed), I decided I would leap (ha) on this opportunity to post a few things that … Continue reading

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Bad Santa

So, as I recently Tweeted about, comedian Jimmy Kimmel has been asking viewers to play pranks on their kids and record the results.  For Halloween, he encouraged people to tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy.  The results … Continue reading

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Friday quick post: “When I Get Thin” cartoon

From cartoonist Ampersand, a piece about what Kate Harding called the “Fantasy of Being Thin”:  

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So, you have a zombie in your family.

Neuroscientists Dr. Bradley Voytek and Dr. Tim Verstynen have been posting an excellent series on the zombie brain.  They’ve asked questions like “Why are zombies so hungry for your flesh?” and “What’s up with all that moaning?” and used that … Continue reading

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What can you tell about someone by looking at their body?

A quick update to highlight this post by the awesome Ragen Chastane:   Or, as she and Marilyn Wann and others have noted, the only thing you can tell for sure from looking at a fat person is how much … Continue reading

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Outdated psych textbooks on sexual orientation

At our 2011 AAMFT talk, I used a few comics from one of my favorite web cartoonists, Eyeteeth of Small Peculiar.  She is working on a cartoon-based book about Walter Freeman, the infamous lobotomist, and has an interest in the … Continue reading

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Video: Reparative therapy

In our talk for AAMFT on “Queer Research,” Dr. Kristen Benson and I couldn’t include all the videos we would have liked to use. There just wasn’t enough time. One that we had to cut was this timely and important … Continue reading

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