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The San Francisco “No Ban/No Wall” march on Saturday

I talked with so many folks over the past few days about how taking action can sometimes make you feel better in these stressful times, that I wanted to share info about the “No Ban/No Wall” march happening Saturday in … Continue reading

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Cultural appropriation bingo

Last week, a friend tagged me to tell me about a post on Jezebel about cultural appropriation, that happened to feature an old project of mine: the cultural appropriation “Bingo card.” “Bingo cards” have become a popular way to track … Continue reading

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Giving thanks, thoughtfully.

It’s been quiet here at my blog of late, but the day before Thanksgiving, I’m reflecting on the traditional American celebration of the season. On the one hand, I appreciate the benefits that gratitude can bring to our health and … Continue reading

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Quick post: A great example of using one’s privilege for good.

This post from Bruce Reyes-Chow is a great example of a concrete answer to the question I tried to address in my previous post, “well what do you expect me to do if I have this privilege you’re talking about?” … Continue reading

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“So What if Privilege is the Lowest Difficulty Setting?” A Response to Scalzi’s Post

So, John Scalzi wrote a post about “how to talk about privilege without getting into arguments over the P-word” by using a computer game metaphor, and the Internet exploded. People have reprinted Scalzi’s post, and rehashed Scalzi’s post, and interviewed … Continue reading

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