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Resources for therapists who see “geek women” clients

Women (cis and trans, straight and queer) working in “geeky” or STEM professions often experience harassment, marginalization, and hostile work or networking environments as well as internal and external stigma, “imposter syndrome,” and a host of other issues that may … Continue reading

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It’s International Women’s Day

  It’s International Women’s Day! Well, “International” in the sense of “it’s a major holiday in many countries, conveniently excluding the United States, where we are far more interested in celebrating mothers than women who do other kinds of boring … Continue reading

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“Virginia Satir” post featured at Geek Feminism

The always-amazing blog Geek Feminism has a series called “Wednesday Geek Woman,” where they solicit guest posts about women, past or present, who represent excellence and passionate devotion in their field of interest.  For the most part, the series has … Continue reading

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Time for linkspam!

1) This little girl is complaining about the very thing I was getting out in Bad Santa Part II:  gender policing.  Yay for her supportive dad! 2) Feminists and family therapists take note:  Sick [heterosexually-married] men get support from their … Continue reading

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Bad Santa: Part II

Yesterday I started in on ruining Christmas for everyone, or at least Jimmy Kimmel and some of his fans, by pointing out that his “Give your kids a terrible present and film it” challenge was… not actually that funny, when … Continue reading

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Love Your Body Day

So today is Love Your Body Day according to the National Organization for Women’s NOW Foundation, an endeavor I fully support.  As a believer in Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size, I want to make every day “Love Your … Continue reading

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“Queer Science” PowerPoint

By editing out a couple of video clips (the “Always My Son” video I linked to here, and a clip from the excellent documentary “Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She” – the relevant clip seems to be up on YouTube … Continue reading

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Addressing the question of “autogynephilia”

At our presentation at AAMFT 2011, one audience member approached me to ask about my opinion of the “autogynephelia” diagnosis.  I told her that I was skeptical, based on my reading thus far, and that I felt uncomfortable about the … Continue reading

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