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We’re moving!

It’s been a rainy winter here in Northern California, and as my current clients are well aware, we’ve had more than our share of leaky ceilings at my office.  Strategically-placed trash cans and a lot of containers of Damp Rid … Continue reading

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The San Francisco “No Ban/No Wall” march on Saturday

I talked with so many folks over the past few days about how taking action can sometimes make you feel better in these stressful times, that I wanted to share info about the “No Ban/No Wall” march happening Saturday in … Continue reading

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Homo for the holidays

My dear friend and trusted colleague Whit Ryan was selected as a Point Foundation Scholar this year, to help support his graduate studies in sports psychology focusing on the needs and well-being of queer and trans athletes. He’s written a … Continue reading

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The Day After

2016 has been a notoriously difficult year for many folks in my circles. Folks have joked that maybe David Bowie was the only thing holding the universe together and the wheels have started coming off since his death, but in … Continue reading

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I’m speaking at AAMFT 2016!

I’ll be presenting a workshop at AAMFT 2016 in Indianapolis next week.  My talk is called “Difficult Dialogues: A Cultural Humility Approach to Broaching Cultural Issues,” and you can have a look at my slides at the link there.  It’s … Continue reading

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