Homo for the holidays

Whit Ryan, Point Foundation Scholar

Whit Ryan, Point Foundation Scholar

My dear friend and trusted colleague Whit Ryan was selected as a Point Foundation Scholar this year, to help support his graduate studies in sports psychology focusing on the needs and well-being of queer and trans athletes. He’s written a two-part blog post, beginning here and finishing at the Point Foundation’s blog, on being queer at the holidays and coping with questions like “should I go home?  How do I deal with all my family’s BS if I do? How will they penalize me if I don’t?” that inevitably come up for LGBTQ people with less-supportive families.

Among other things, he offers some great resources for those who may be feeling lonely, alienated, or even suicidal – a common experience for marginalized people during this “festive” season.  He includes a link to one of my favorite non-profits, the trans* and gender-queer crisis line Trans LifeLine, where I’m proud to be an advisory board member.

Take care of yourselves out there.

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