Greetings from AFTA

I’m at the American Family Therapy Academy‘s annual meeting/conference this week.  Fortunately it’s in my backyard.  Unfortunately this means driving across the Bay Bridge in rush hour traffic every morning for the opening plenary.

@bacigalupe (AFTA President-elect) and @drsaddison at the AFTA Special Event

Doing family-therapy-y, social-justice-y stuff all day is hard work!  I’m beat!

Also rumor has it that people keep volunteering me for stuff.  At least at this meeting I remembered to bring a stack of my cards, unlike at last weekend’s meeting of Bay Area Open Minds where I turned up with maybe two cards left.

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting on the “Fat Studies in mental health training” research I’m doing with Dr. Michael Loewy at Alliant International University.  Can I do Fat Studies/Size Acceptance/Health at Every Size 101, plus a summary of his class and our research, in 20 minutes?  We’ll find out!

And how will it go?  Well, last year my “SA/HAES 101” presentation left people more baffled than anything I think.  This year, well:

I’m Tweeting from the conference when I can – follow @drsaddison if you don’t already!

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